Living in Malaysia

1.1 Culture in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country located in South East Asia. It comprises of 13 states and 3 Federal Territories with a total land area of 328, 500 sq km with 24, 824, 200 population. Malaysia comprises of three (3) main races, which is Malay, Chinese and Indian. Here in Malaysia, everyone celebrates various colourful festivals and holidays. The main festival is Eid-Fitr celebrated by Muslims at the end of fasting month of Ramadhan in Muslim calendar. The festival marks the beginning of Syawal, a new year in Muslim calendar. The Chinese in Malaysia celebrates various festivals; one of the biggest is Chinese Lunar New Year. The Hindus celebrate Deepavali or also known as festival of lights.

All the biggest festivals celebrated by Malaysians practice the ‘open house’ concept, where family, friends, and neighbours are all welcome into the house of those celebrating the particular festival. The ‘open house’ concept is to strengthen the bonding in the family, relatives, neighbours and friends.

In Malaysia, shoes must be removed when entering places of worship such as mosques and temples; likewise when entering other people houses too.

1.2 Weather

The average temperature in Malaysia is between 23˚C and 33˚C. Malaysia only has sunny and rainy weather throughout the year. Hence the visitors are advice to bring suitable cloth for warm and humid weather.

1.3 Clothing

Majority of the population in Malaysia is Muslims; hence they wear garments that fully cover their bodies. The usage of headscarves is also common. Here in PICOMS, all of the Muslims students shall wear proper attire that covers their aurah. Exceptions are given to non-muslim, nevertheless they still need to wear proper attire.