Immigration and Regulations

2.1 Immigration and Visas

The Immigration authorities have instituted a hassle-free entry procedure to welcome international students to study in Malaysia. In accordance to the Malaysia’s aspiration to become Education Hub and Centre for Educational Excellence.

Education Malaysia Global Services (Company No: 986610-U) ("EMGS") is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated under the laws of Malaysia and wholly owned by the Ministry of Education.

In managing the One Stop Centre for international student services, EMGS believes in the continuous upscaling of process efficiency through the use of new technology. By prioritizing customer service and transparency in its operations, EMGS has introduced value added services as well as mobile and online applications that provide convenience, support transparency and embrace new initiatives for operational efficiency. This all goes towards providing convenient, fast and professional services to global students who choose Malaysia as a study destination.

The scope of EMGS services includes:

  • Management and processing of international student applications for a student pass/visa for study in Public and Private Higher Education Institutions, Language Schools, and Skills Training Centres in Malaysia.
  • Management and processing of the annual renewals of student pass/visa and iKad for international students
  • Enhancing the management of international student welfare & engagement
  • Promote Malaysia as an international Education Hub, globally.

2.2 Category of Student Pass Application

New Application: New Student Abroad
a) Calling Visa / Visa Approval Letter (VAL)
Student who is still at his/her home country receives offer letter to study at PICOMS. The student is required to apply for Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from Immigration Department of Malaysia before entering Malaysia manages by International Office, PICOMS

New Application: New Student Already In Malaysia
a) Progression
Student who has completed his/her diploma/degree from different institution and subsequently wants to further study to the next level at PICOMS.

b) Variation Inter
Student from different institution who wishes to enroll with PICOMS within same level of study

Existing PICOMS Student
a) Progression
PICOMS existing Student who has completed his/her English Program / Diploma / Degree and subsequently wants to further study to the next level at PICOMS

2.3 Cancellation of Student Pass

Student who completed study or wishes to defer the study or have withdrawn and have been terminated is no longer entitled to use the student pass. He/she is required to report to International Office and bring along a confirmed air ticket for Student Pass cancellation within 21 days after receiving a letter from the PICOMS ISO. Failure to comply with this procedure will necessitate the University notifying the Immigrations Department to cancel his/her student pass.

2.4 Renewal of Student Pass

Renewal Application: Existing PICOMS Student

a) Conversion
PICOMS existing student who is granted by Senate to convert his current Degree to the next level of Degree due to his excellence in study

b) Variation Intra
PICOMS existing student who change of program during their study in the same university


Application for renewal of student/social pass must be submitted to International Office three (3) months before current pass expiry date. For any application submitted less than 2 months (8 weeks) will be charge penalty fee.

The approval for renewal is also subject to :

i) Student attendance to be at least 80% (Undergraduate Student)
ii) CGPA 2.0 and above for Undergraduate Student
iii) The Immigration Department is provided with a valid reason for 3 consecutive days absence from class
iv) The Immigration Department has the right to reject and cancel the application based on poor attendance and poor academic result

PICOMS International Student Visa Application Procedure

2.5 Validity of Student pass/Visa

The Student Pass/Visas are endorsed onto your passport. The endorsement indicates your visa types, the length of stay in Malaysia, the number of entries permitted and the validity of the Student Pass. It is mandatory for you to submit your passport to our International Student Office two months in advance of the expiry date in order for us to either extend or apply for your new Student Pass/Visa on your behalf.

Students are advice to check the expiry date of their passport and have it extended at least six months before it expires. It is to avoid the students from having problem with their passport, if the students fail to inform International Student Office about the passport expiry date; the students will consider as overstaying.

2.6 Expiry of Student Pass While Abroad

A student, whose pass and visa have expired while overseas, is advised to apply for a visa from the nearest Malaysia Mission Oversea before re-entering Malaysia. Upon arrival they will be required to make a new application for student pass and visa.

2.7 Payment for Student Pass/Vis

All international students shall pay fee of RM 60 – RM 150 (depending on country) per year for student passes as set by Malaysian Immigration Department. Students who come from countries where any visas into Malaysia are required will need to pay for an entry visa in Malaysia. The fees for entry visas vary – please check with the Malaysian Embassy in your home country for more details.

2.8 Personal Bond

All international students are required to pay a Personal Bond, the amount of which is fixed by the Malaysian Embassy in your home country for more information. (except Diplomatic Pass holders, Malaysia My Second (MM2H) applicants, Permanent Residents, and students from the People Republic of China). The Immigration Department of Malaysia requires the college/university to sign a Personal Bond on behalf of the applicant, binding the college/university for the said sum that lodge by the students. The personal bond will be refunded upon cancellation of the student pass provided there are no other claims against the applicants upon completion of studies at PICOMS

2.9 Dependant Pass

To study full time in Malaysia, international students are not allowed to hold two passes at any one time. Those students who are the holder for Dependant Pass, you need to surrender your Dependant Pass to obtain your Student Pass.

2.10 Withdrawal/Deferral of Studies

The students are allowed to defer their study depends on the reason of the student. They must report to the International Student Coordinator before proceed to Students Affair.

2.11 Change of Course

Student is required to submit a new Student Pass application and new processing fee for the following circumstances:
i. Progressing to another level of studies (Undergraduate Program to Postgraduate Program)
ii. Change of Course (within same institution)
iii. Change to another institution

The processing fees and any additional charges will be borne by the students

2.12 Dependant Pass for Family Members.

International students who wish to bring along their family need to complete registration first. PICOMS will issue a letter of invitation to the candidate’s family so that they can get an entry visa as well. The candidate has submitted the following documents for visa/pass approval:
i. Two certified photocopies of passport.
ii. For spouse – marriage certificate or letter from the respective embassy.
iii. For children – birth certificate.
iv. Two passport-size photographs of each family member with blue background.

2.13 Student Holds Dependent Pass / Other

Each person is only allowed to hold one pass at a time and if he/she is intend to study in PICOMS, he/she must obtain a student pass. The dependent pass holder is compulsory to have student pass in order to study at PICOMS as a full time registered student. The student (dependent pass holder) will have to cancel his/her dependent pass before applying for a student pass. Diplomatic pass holders are exempted from carrying student pass. Instead, they need to obtain an “exempted” stamp or letter of exemption from the Immigration Department and Ministry of Home Affairs. They are required to obtain them at their own initiative and not through the university

2.14 Students with Family

Married Students are advised to enter Malaysia alone prior to the issuance of Student Pass. Dependent Pass can only be applied after the Student Pass is approved and issued. Student who wishes to invite his/her dependent to Malaysia is advised to invite his /her dependent by the calling visa applied at International Office. Failing to do so, the university will not be responsible for their stay in Malaysia. Dependents are advised to apply for visa before entering Malaysia. On approval of the student pass, the student could apply for VDR/VAL in order to obtain the visa (Dependent Pass) for his family members to enter Malaysia. The dependents that is allowed to bring to Malaysia is only the immediate family members; wife or husband, child, mother and father of the student. Only Postgraduate Students is allowed to bring dependent.

2.15 Extension of Student Pass/Dependent Pass

An application for the extension of a Student Pass/Dependant Pass must be made at least two months before the expiry date of the existing – pass/visa. The application must include a photocopy of the passport, the original passport, and immigrations fee for Student Pass and advance tuition fee payment.

The Student Pass can be cancelled by the Immigration if the students absence from classes and poor academic result.

2.16 Social/Tourist Pass

We are strongly discourages the students to use their social/tourist pass to study in Malaysia, as the University cannot guarantee the application for student visa/pass will be approved. It may place your studies at high risk.

2.17 When You Have a New Passport

Please transfer your student pass sticker from old passport to the new passport immediately. Your student pass may not be valid in the old passport. For the sticker transfer, please bring your old and new passport to the International Student Office. There will be charges for a Single/Multiple entry visa based on the entry country. The duration of transferring the sticker would be 14 working days upon submission to the Immigration.

2.18 If You Lose Your Passport

If you lose your passport, you should immediately make a police report, proceed to your Embassy or High Commission to apply for a new passport. Once you obtain your new passport, proceed to the International Student Office to obtain a new student pass sticker for your new passport. Bring along your police report and a letter from Embassy as a support document.

2.19 Overstaying

A student who stays exceeding the expiry date of student pass in Malaysia will be brought over to the Immigration Department for questioning by the Immigration Enforcement Officer, accompanied by the International Office Officer of PICOMS. Section 15(4) of the Immigration Act 1959/63, the penalty for an offence on overstaying:

i. A fine not exceeding RM10,0000 or imprisonment not exceeding 5 years or both
ii. A compound of RM 3,000

2.20 Part Time Work

Student with a valid Student Pass can only work as a part-timer. Application for part time employment must be submitted through International Office subject to the conditions below:

i. A student is permitted to do part-time work for 20 hours per week during semester breaks or any holiday exceeding 7 days.
ii. A student is permitted to work part-time in Restaurants, Petrol Kiosks, Mini Markets and Hotels only (excluding singer, masseur, musician, GRO and other activities deemed immoral) as long as the student pass remains valid.
iii. Students are not permitted to work as cashier.
iv. Permission to work part-time is extendable by the Immigration Department depending on the student’s attendance and academic reports
v. PICOMS will not be liable for any future losses or damages arising from the course of this misconduct of action.