2.1 PICOMS Accommodation

PICOMS has a few types of accommodation which is provided for the local student housing but these types of accommodation are usually quite basic to cater the local student needs. International students may opt to stay the same housing facilities and customized it to their needs. For more information, reference should be made to PICOMS International Student Office.

2.2 Own Arrangement

International students are allowed to choose staying off PICOMS accommodation but must first apply and seek PICOMS consent. You can log on to or or or for off PICOMS accommodation. Areas nearby to the campus are Kepong, Selayang, Sentul, Sri Gombak, Gombak and Keramat. Public transportation is accessible as you can take the taxi, buses or train.

Should you decide to make your own housing arrangement, please seek the advice of International Student Office on matters pertaining to it. It is highly crucial that International Student to provide clear and precise information as to the whereabouts and location to where they are staying and update International Student Office should they shift or moved to a different house or place of stay.