Pre-Departure Checklist

4.1 New Application of Visa and Student Pass

The Malaysian Government has introduced simplified and hassle-free entry procedures to welcome international students study at Malaysian public and private higher educational institutions.

A visa is required but the procedure is simple as there is no necessity for a visa from the Malaysian Embassy in your home country in order to enter Malaysia to study, with the exception of students from the People's Republic of China. The visa will be issued to you upon your arrival in Malaysia at the immigration check point provided you have valid travel documents and a letter of approval (VAL) for a student pass by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

(Note: Students from the PRC are required to obtain their Entry Visas from the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai prior to entering Malaysia.)

New Student Abroad – Visa Approval Letter

  • All new international students must obtain a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) / Visa with Reference before enter Malaysia. Conversion from Social Pass / Tourist Visa to Student Pass is not allowed anymore
  • The Visa Approval Letter issued by the Malaysia Immigration Department to allow the student to enter Malaysia for study purposes. The Approval Letter (VAL) is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance
  • It is recommended for the student to apply the VAL 3 months before leaving their home country for PICOMS admission
  • Students from the non-visa required countries and some of the visa required countries highlighted by the Immigration Department which do not have Malaysia Representative Office can enter Malaysia by producing the Visa Approval Letter upon entry
  • The student from visa required country must obtain single entry visa at the Malaysia Representative Office nearby their hometown prior to their entry to Malaysia
  • Students are required to enter Malaysia within 3 months after the issuance of Single Entry Visa.

New Student in Malaysia – Transfer Institution

  • A student who possesses student pass from another educational institution should shorten and cancel current student pass prior to enrolment at PICOMS. In most cases, special pass is compulsory to be made with previous educational institution in order to give ample time for new student pass application at new institution
  • Student holds a valid student pass under one college / university is not allowed to study in any other institution.
  • Student transferring from other academic institutions in Malaysia or have previously studied in Malaysia must submit the following additional documentation during registration at PICOMS:

• Original Clearance / release letter from the previous institution
• Attendance report from the previous institution
• Academic results from the previous institution
• Visa cancellation letter with an acknowledgement from EMGS/ Immigration Department


4.2 Applying for a Student Pass through an Institution Prior to Entering Malaysia

The process of applying for a student pass is simple. PICOMS will apply for the student pass on your behalf, prior to your arrival in Malaysia. Applications will be submitted to the Malaysia Immigration Department Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (via EMGS’s STAR System).

Note: Students do not need to apply directly to the Immigration Department under this procedure.

Prospective students will be informed of their application status by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through PICOMS within an estimated 7 to 14 days after the application. A prospective international student must have an approved student pass before entering the country. Upon approval, the student passes will be issued to permit direct entry into Malaysia with the exception of students from The People's Republic of China who is required to obtain a Single-Entry Visa before they come to Malaysia.

When applying for a student pass, student is required to sign a Personal Bond* prescribed under Regulation 18 of the Immigration Regulations 1963 so as to guarantee that the person (student) to whom such a pass is issued will comply with the provisions of the ordinance and any regulations made there-under. The fee is charged to the student in advance. The amount varies between RM 300 to RM 2000.

PICOMS International Student Visa Application Procedure

Students coming from yellow fever endemic areas (such as Africa, Central America and South America) are required to obtain the necessary inoculations before coming to Malaysia.

4.3 Pre Arrival Medical Screening

All students applying for a student pass must undergo a medical screening while still at their home country. They are required to submit all pre-arrival medical examination report and the related visa documents for the application of Visa Approval Letter to the International Office, PICOMS

Here are the checklists for you to assist you in making preparation before you completely become a student in PICOMS.

 Submission of related documents
 Submission of payments.
 Four (4) recent passport photos – blue background.
 Passport validity should be more than one year.
 Two (2) sets photocopy of your passport – include all pages including blank pages. (Passport should be valid for at least one year from the intake date).
 Original copy of Visa Approval Letter (VAL) or Valid Entry Visa ( for countries that require visas to enter Malaysia).
 Certified true copies of all relevant academic transcripts and examination results.
 If financed by scholarship/study loan, documented evidence must be attached.

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