Arriving at PICOMS


The student must register to the International Student Support Office, PICOMS (located at Level 1, Campus Batu Muda, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur) upon arriving or the next following day.

Getting to Your Accommodation

PICOMS’s International Student Officer will briefly explain about the accommodation in PICOMS. Student will allow choosing whether they want to stay in PICOMS hostel (PICOMS accommodation) or to find a house on their own.

PICOMS representative will assist the students to get to their accommodation.

Post Arrival Medical Screening

Student is required to undergo a post arrival medical screening with any clinic/hospital approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia within 7 working days of entering Malaysia. The complete medical report will have to get verification from Medical officer. All fees related with medical check-up are excluded from tuition fees and will be borne by the student. This is a mandatory process and failing to complete this check may result in the cancellation of your visa. PICOMS reserves the right to request a repeat test should there be any doubt in the findings of the initial medical report. Immigration authorities reserve the right to revoke any student/dependent pass or visa if there is evidence of false information in a report and/or supporting documents. If a student fails the medical examination no refund will be given. Students are allowed to appeal and redo the test should they fail, but additional cost will be incurred and be borne by the student.

Orientation Week

The Orientation Program will be held with local students in PICOMS for one week long. Attendance for orientation is compulsory.

Finances Upon Arriving

You should bring sufficient funds to cover your expenses for the initial period you are here. If you choose to stay off PICOMS accommodation, you should prepare some for house rental, deposit, utilities, and other facilities. Spend some for your Student Pass Endorsement Fee.

Estimated Cost Living in PICOMS

Living Expenses Semester (MYR)
PICOMS Accommodation RM6666

Own Arrangement
(Additional housing fee, utilities, internet, etc.)

RM 9000 (deposit RM 3000) (depends on the type of the house).
Meals RM 4200 (depend on your food preferences).
Books/supplies RM 500 (cost will depend on the subject you are studying).
Personal Expenses (entertainment, etc.) RM 600 (depends on your interest and how much socializing you do).
Transportation RM 600 (if you are taking the buses, the cost may decrease).