Arriving in Malaysia

Entry into Malaysia

Disembarkation Card
Please make sure that you fill up the disembarkation card which will be provided by the airline. The card can also be obtained in the airport arrival hall as well. Make sure that you keep the card with you.

At the Airport

The most common entry point for international students is the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Other entry points (international airports) include Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), Kota Kinabalu International Airport (Sabah); Kuching International Airport (Sarawak) and Penang International Airport (Penang). Some also enter Malaysia via land routes from Singapore, Thailand or Indonesia. Once you arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), you are required to find your way to the Immigration Section. If you are confused, you can refer the airport staff in uniform for assistance. PICOMS ISO staff will pick you up at the Airport Immigration Counter

If at KLIA

When arriving at the Immigration Counter, a PICOMS representative will pick you up at Student Waiting Area (in front of the Health and Quarantine Office – main terminal)

If at Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT)

For students, who arrive at the LCCT; please wait to meet our PICOMS representative just BEFORE the Immigration Counter.

• PICOMS representative will normally carry a signage of PICOMS or PICOMS pass. The representative will then accompany the student to the Immigration Counter for clearance.

• Students are reminded that Immigration Officer will not release any student without the presence of PICOMS representative to escort the student out of the airport. After the immigration clearance, PICOMS will transport the student to campus.

At the Malaysian Immigration Check Point

Upon arrival at the airport / entry point in Malaysia, the student has to show his or her student pass approval letter at the immigration check point. A special pass will be issued to refer the student to the respective State Immigration Department for the issuance of a student pass. A visa will also be issued to the student at the entry point in the form of an endorsement on the student's passport (with a validity period of at least six months). Prior notification is important, only students with Visa Approval Letter (VAL) may be cleared from the airport, otherwise our staff will be unable to clear them. Make sure that you get your VAL before departing to Malaysia.

Affixing the Student Pass Sticker and Student Pass / Visa Fees

The special pass issued to the student at the Immigration check point is valid for 14 days. Therefore within two weeks of their arrival, PICOMS will submit the student's passport to the State Immigration Department to enable a student pass sticker to be affixed.

The student pass and visa are endorsed in the students' passport by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The endorsement indicates their visa type, the length of stay in Malaysia, the number of entries permitted into Malaysia and the validity of the student pass (which is usually one year).

The fee for a student pass is RM60 per year (or part of a year) while visa fees range from RM15 to RM90 depending on the student's county of origin. All payments of fees, issuance of student passes and visas as well as renewal of student passes can be done at the respective State Immigration Departments. The student pass is to be renewed yearly.